I am interested in acoustic measurement and treatment. Currently experimenting with porous absorbtion to tame excessive high-frequency decay time, low-frequency resonances, and undulations across the frequency spectrum. Rooms are not neutral; they often have a deleterious impact on the quality of sound produced within them. While it's true that various rooms can impart a pleasant character onto performances and recordings, in many cases we want the room to do less (in the context of mixing and mastering, for example).

I will soon be creating an online course for those interested in making acoustical improvements to recording/mixing/mastering spaces, living areas, and businesses. If you produce music and desire increased monitoring accuracy, if one of the rooms in your house has an annoying resonance, or if you need to improve the intelligibility of conversation in your business/venue/church, you might find this course to be very helpful.

I am also available for consultation. Let's chat!